Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Tips for healthy long hair


Check this out NOW!

Tips for long healthy hair and my haircare routine. This is not a sponsored video.

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45 Responses to “Tips for healthy long hair”
  1. veenasbeautytips says:

    @Jessica Hodendal Johansson Thanks you so much, it did take may years to
    grow long hair.. best wishes :)

  2. prince vegeta says:

    i just want to die by hanging my neck with your beautiful hair lmao 😉 :-P

  3. naye rosa says:

    Everyone the actual tips and tricks start at 1:40

  4. Xhelle Palm says:

    How long did this take to grow?

  5. veenasbeautytips says:

    @iluvcoolstuff XD thank you… I m sure u have lovely hair and a lovely
    voice too… take care :)

  6. Faryad Khan says:

    Sorry to say but u have to be healthy first

  7. Yvonne Criddle says:

    Tip #1: Be Indian…

  8. Emo Diamond says:

    God bless you

  9. Pay Fangxuan says:

    please cut your hair

  10. cheyenne howell says:

    lol so many jealous idiots in the comments telling her to cut her hair

  11. Senicia Negron says:

    ohhhh that’s too long

  12. Victoria Vaile says:

    it MUST be hard to brush all that hair

  13. Lara Pacheco says:

    Oh my god

  14. Valarie Housley says:

    Thank you. Your hair is lovely, just like the Disney Princess, Jasine.

  15. Morning Mohammed says:

    ماشاء الله

  16. Crystal Burgoyne says:

    so good

  17. MIKADZKI says:

    If you want to cut your hair, I suggest to cut it that it can make a wig
    for cancer patients.

  18. Seema Kaushal says:

    wow your hairs are so beautiful I wish I have my hairs like that

  19. veenasbeautytips says:

    @Syd thank you i m honoured. god bless :)

  20. veenasbeautytips says:

    +Preethi Thirumani Thanks for writing. Its great to here from you and so
    sorry to know about your hair gone bad over the years. Don’t give up
    though. Keep a positive apporach towards life, hair and your body and be
    happy always. There are other beautyful qualities in you that you can
    admire and be happy.. this attitude can keep you happy and happy hormones
    change might give you back your beautiful thick, silky long hair too 🙂
    Take care and best wishes to you :)

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