Saturday, November 18th, 2017

How To hack New Facebook messenger basketball game


Check this out NOW!

I will not be held responsible for the misuse of the video. For educational purposes only.
Root is needed
Game killer download link:

For android lollipop you need game guardian. Google it. Process is same though

OK so here's what you do
1. Download game killer and open it. For iOS download game player from cydia
2 open messenger
3 scan each try as shown above till you are left with 4 values
4 miss one shot
5 notice one value changes to 0
6 change it to whatever you like
7 miss one more shot(compulsory)
8 no your counter will start from the number you input in 6
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Incredible things are about to happen.
Send me a message first.
I accept donations. If any of y'all got phones y'all don't use, can ya send them to me? My phone is really crappy and is preventing from uploading more content because of recording lag.
Let me know if you'd like me to hack any other game.

new video for soccer hack.


34 Responses to “How To hack New Facebook messenger basketball game”
  1. RJPJ tips and tricks! says:
    new video for soccer hack.

  2. RJPJ tips and tricks! says:

    I am sorry that I am unable to respond to each one of you personally
    because the comments have simply been overwhelming. But unfortunately most
    of you guys don’t seem to read the description. So I have compiled a list
    of few things that will hopefully answer your queries.
    1 yes it need root
    2 for android less than lollipop use game killer for lollipop or higher use
    game guardian and for iOS use game player from cydia ( I don’t have
    jailbroken iOS right now so can’t make a video)
    3 it works if I you follow the instructions
    As all ways subscribe

  3. RJPJ tips and tricks! says: new video with game guardian

  4. Brittney Dewalt says:

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  5. Hermine Harlor says:

    Heeyy Friendz I Have F0unddddd Workinggggg Online Hacck visitt : –

  6. James Edrian says:

    nc shot dude 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. Darnai Péter says:

    It says my phone isnt rooted (plot twist it is rooted(

  8. Mike Teylan says:

    do i need to root my phone???

  9. ColimanKush says:

    God that shitty song

  10. Dragon Skull says:

    how do you get the key?…

  11. Denise Gian says:

    I cant even find the app for ios device

  12. Tristram Credland says:

    was I the only one who paused at the start to read the messages ?

  13. Amiel Lacuata says:

    searching takes me an hour, still searching, why? I have the option of
    float, auto identify etc what would I choose?

  14. Denise Gian says:

    Game player from cydia??

  15. MUSIC CHARTS says:

    Great way of hack

  16. Jonnysrt8 says:

    it says trial version does not support this feature

  17. OxyYT says:

    game killer needs root?

  18. Valery Yordanov says:

    I hack it thanks game hacker dont work

  19. yeah dnd says:

    Can you delete the vid before the other know???


    how do I install the apk?
    I don’t have to flash it right?

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