Saturday, November 18th, 2017

How to Get a Higher Score in Facebook Messenger Basketball


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Some tips for how to get a higher, or even high score in Facebook Messenger's hidden basketball game.


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51 Responses to “How to Get a Higher Score in Facebook Messenger Basketball”
  1. Tony P says:

    Ι did 31 yeah ruler trick is awesome thx

  2. Chambers99 says:

    Who needs a straight edge for the first fucking 10, as useless as my left

  3. Blood rain22 (Bloodrain22) says:


  4. Mistok says:

    my girl beat my score and its now 32… i have 27.

  5. Marianne Baly says:

    “Hmm, that rhymed…”

    I think I just died.

  6. Aaliyah Luis says:

    my high score is 24 😵

  7. Shaunak Joshi says:

    guess you got potential mate.

  8. Pedro Morales says:

    Make a soccer one, that shits hard I stay on 1 score

  9. Richard says:

    Ball Is Not Life.

  10. RadicalJane says:

    lol science xD

  11. Julio Martinez says:

    i score 55 at 3rd try

  12. Jynxi - PS4 says:


  13. char nav says:

    My high score using iPhone 6s Plus is 41 points. I’m proud😊

  14. Demon God says:

    hmm i need someone to beat my record

  15. Clarissa Tongol says:

    you are my ideal bf hahaha 😂

  16. mahmoud abushaala says:

    i scored 35

  17. Rhythm Sharrock says:

    hmm really

  18. Alvin Justine Cepeda says:

    if u click @ in the messenger something will appear

  19. Gamerz_ Nightout says:


  20. Diamond Gaming says:


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