Saturday, November 18th, 2017

How I lost 100 Pounds in 4 Months


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What I did to lose 100 Pounds in Just 4 Months!

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42 Responses to “How I lost 100 Pounds in 4 Months”
  1. Edwin Velez (Edwin Velez Success) says:
  2. Carmen Nieves says:

    Did he have gastro bypass or the sleeve done????
    This is so unbelievable he looks great and gorgeous.
    If none, God bless him, he did it on his own, priceless!

    • Carmen Nieves says:

      +Edwin Velez (Edwin Velez Success) OMG, THAT IS AMAZING!
      I definitely have to go to your website.
      I need to lose 25-more lbs to go.
      I want your diet as in food, how did you eat and what did you eat.
      I had to subscribe to you, incredible Edwin.

    • Edwin Velez (Edwin Velez Success) says:

      I did it all natural…

  3. censorious says:

    Chris Powell is the nicest person i ever see on tv

  4. Farzam Ahmed says:

    Umm so I’ve run for six days now, I run for like bout an hour and fifteen,
    I’ve built a lot of stamina, but I don’t think I’m losing weight…

  5. Devlin O'Connel says:

    im gonna do the same!!! im 19- 280 lbs and i want to be 150 for Chritsmas.

  6. TheSnoopyclone says:

    He was eating low carb food. I’m curious if he was on a high fat low carb

    • Thomas Wayne says:

      +TheSnoopyclone Get rid of the junk – you don’t need it. Preparing your
      food in advance is the most important thing and then ONLY eat that ONE meal
      AT A TIME. Spread out 5 low carb, high protein meals for at least 4 to 5
      days. Every Thursday, have ONE cheat meal or if you are larger make it
      every other Thursday and even larger, ONCE a month. Friday and Saturday
      WORK OUT HARD. Do basic exercise routines if you don’t want to do a lot,
      but exercise. This idea of cutting out carbs is a very old idea and ANYONE
      CAN do it. The first thing: YOU MUST STOP DRINKING SODA, even on Thursday
      DO NOT drink soda. Drink NO CARB flavor packets if you cant drink plain
      water. Snacks should be grapes, bananas, apples, sunflower seeds, veggies.
      NEVER eat bread. STOP eating pizza – wtf! Eat pizza toppings ONLY, but not
      ever day, and save the crust and bread to feed to the ducks at the pond.
      Work out at least 3 days a week(Do just the basics if you want.) Follow the
      eating routine I suggest and I guarantee you will see a difference. I don’t
      know what you wanna lose, so I cant estimate how long it will take.

    • william morales says:

      you can eat what ever to lose weight but eat small portions but if you want
      a fast lose weight don’t eat carbs

    • TheSnoopyclone says:

      +william morales
      How do you control yourself?! It’s probably the biggest problem when you
      try to control your portions, but not only your portions but your urges. I
      at times end up scurrying for snacks.

    • william morales says:

      +TheSnoopyclone true but for me is just portion of food lol i have
      diabitis type 1 so i quit a lot of stuff specialy sugars it was hard but i
      did but just my portions of food tho

  7. ryangriff12 says:

    guys don’t try to lose weight that fast. Look at that guy he has no muscle.
    Weights 3 days a week and cardio 2 days a week. You will thank me when you
    do lose fat. i lost 90lbs in 7 months that is about as fast as should go. i
    still have about 30-40lbs to go

  8. Catherine Gibson says:

    I lose 20 pounds then i stop losing its very frustrating. Im a mother and a
    wife. Im trying hard to show my kids that mommy can be in shape. every year
    i fail.

    • Ivan Tapia says:

      Keep trying don’t give up have you heard of intermittent fasting check it
      out you don’t have to starve yourself or eat to little

  9. Daniel Roman says:

    Its amazing cause now all the girls are saying he looks good. But when he
    was fat, he was a fat pig, or he’s disgusting. Now all the girls are
    saying, ” Oh wow, he looks good. ” Amazing how the world is. You have to be
    a image in society so you can get known, and then and only then will people
    want to know how you did it and be your best friend.

  10. SIMPLYME! says:

    I love Chris but I hate how he talks.. He sounds like Richard Simmons, very
    condescending.. Even if he’s not trying to be…

  11. Holden Blackmer says:

    they definitely fucked after that

  12. scott lewson says:

    easiest way to loose weight = go to POOOOR African village and become a

  13. AnimePop says:

    You are the future of Humans and Monster.
    *Reader*, Stay Deternmated.

  14. Makenna Nope says:

    Is this even safe? I thought it was healthy to lose only 1lb per week

  15. Lee Mosose says:

    I’m 240 pounds and I wanna lose 140 pounds.

  16. Heather Dawsey says:

    I was trying to get motivated but the background music ruined it. Fucking
    gameshow music.

  17. santy says:

    This ex obese guy is one of the luckiest dudes out there. Metabolically he
    is blessed to burn more calories so fast. Things don’t work so soon for

  18. Ricky Cunanan says:

    that’s awesome at his age it can melt right off with determination, what I
    really would like is to see someone in their late to mid 40s do this.

    • James Hansen says:

      I’m 48 years old. I was 335 lbs in may of 2014. Since then I lost 120 lbs
      with no surgery. I made a decision and a commitment to eat healthy and
      exercise. I started out walking too. Now I run, lift weights and live an
      active healthy life.

  19. Nancy Hoffman says:

    AWSOME !!! Great for him!!

  20. Fu If says:

    Sugar is white carb!

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