Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

ANYONE CAN RAP! (a few tricks and tips for beginners!)


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34 Responses to “ANYONE CAN RAP! (a few tricks and tips for beginners!)”
  1. Christian Pollitt says:

    here is my rap:
    My name is Jafar
    I come from afar
    There’s a bomb in my car

  2. Dhiaga Irish says:

    Everyone can rap, but not everyone will be dope.

  3. Wake Up Mr. West says:

    Followed these steps but still can’t find a cure for whiteness

  4. I'm Broke says:


  5. Ron Roko says:

    can anyone tell me pls whats the hat he is wearing in this vid?

  6. Noo0dles says:

    My rap: Cat in the Hat In a kaddalack wit bitches in the back wearing all
    balck the cat is Fat XD

  7. Montueweds says:

    I hate how most days I’m as fast as Eminem, but other days I’m as slow as
    Lil Wayne…

  8. danysko5 says:

    Hey! Please can you gimme more info about how to multitask?? Its really
    hard for me, i always stop hittin the beat or stop talking… And any tips
    for making my voice sound better to myself? Thanks for reply.

    • Symon Edmead says:

      Just practice man it’ll get easier I’m sure he started out that way too,
      it’s not easy for anyone without practicing it a lot

  9. Linus Angel says:

    Listen to Kapri – Uber Driver by LINX #np on #SoundCloud

  10. Paul Ross says:

    Hey, I have been writing lyrics for over a decade and want to translate
    them with rap but I am struggling and need help and this video was
    extremely helpful, any help is greatly appreciated!

  11. carlos “andrew” bustos says:

    what do I need to make beats for my music and how? plz anwer really need to

  12. Blackwhitedan says:

    My rap( wrote this in 2 mins)
    I was hustling out the Broadway
    Momma choose givin him a say
    His name is MC CRASH, don’t forget the dash
    He had to stay for da day
    Homie drank a lot of vodka that he was bout to mock,
    My life is full of up’s and down’s now this is my talk. ( Just need to add
    a cool beat).

  13. Vital says:

    but im not a youtuber

  14. john paul D says:

    Whats up Destorm. Great video man. You definitely know your stuff,
    just getting myself some equipment for home recording. I paid to have a
    song recorded a few years back didn’t know how to do most of this
    stuff. I’m getting back into it now man for the fun factor and I feel iv a
    lot to talk/buzz about, just wondering if you have any advise on my first
    song its on YouTube called peece to my streets by jpd. its not my beat I
    just used it to hear my self back, on this made up funky wrap I dreamt up
    and wrote.if you can man be great I understand you be busy man all good if
    not. great vids keep em coming

  15. Randy Burroughs says:

    hi everyone checkout my freestyle on my YouTube page

  16. Jared Miller says:

    these corny rappers packed and processed like lean cuisine. I block out the
    fake and treat it like Hakeem the dream. and know I never lose because my
    team is mean. we stay winning like back when charlie sheen was clean. try
    me and it’ll get too ugly to stream the scene. you’ll be cooked like a
    plate full of steamed green beans

  17. zaia blue says:

    this is my rapand its a wrap

  18. Helena Kennedy says:

    Thats exactly hows it done cool vid!

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